The Resonance Box

From the silence and darkness the resonance of the sound frequencies connect dots of light creating shapes. As long as the frequencies progress, each shape reacts in a particular pattern, creating singular entities within a collective universe where order and chaos exist in an endless loop of conflicts. Each entity has its place, its function and its value.

In this universe, sound waves are divided by six frequency ranges from lower to higher. The lower frequencies interact with the larger elements while the higher frequencies have a more sensible interference.

Play with this universe by moving your mouse around the screen, change the ratio between each frequency and interaction and create your own version of this universe.

Generative 3D art audio reactive with Javascript and HMT5 developed by Fabio Luis using the libraries Three JS and Web Audio API..


1 - Be on a desktop with latest Chrome or Safari
2 - Raise up the volume , enter and have fun ...

developed with javascript by Fabio Luis. soundtrack by Fabio/Duat #duat @ZumbidoDigital